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WEEKLY BATTLE No. 5 // Shoe Giants

Battle of the Shoe Giants: Running on Parallax Scrolling

Every since Ian Coyle created the very first website to feature parallax scrolling back in 2011 the net has been going for this design feature. The “Nike for a Better […]

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5 Mini Battles
MINI BATTLE No. 5 // CSS Hover Effect

Who Has The Cooler Hover Effect

facesofnyfw contain.r
FACES OF NYFW vs CONTAIN.R Looking for a quick and easy way to bring boring or bland sites to life try some CSS Hover Effects. The :hover selector allows you to make nice and ...

Download the winner of yesterday's mini battle!

According to IE6Countdown.com, about 5% of all internet users around the globe are still using Internet Explorer 6. It's a...


21 Lessons
No. 21 // Character Sets

Declaring the CharSet – Best Practice


Best Practice: Providing a charset declaration Level: Should always follow Acceptance level: Universal What is it? CharSet is short for character set, which is the set of characters required for a certain […]

No. 20 // Using FontAwesome

Using FontAwesome – Best Practice


Best Practice: Using FontAwesome Level: Should sometimes follow Acceptance level: Common What is it? FontAwesome is a universal iconic font. It’s designed to provide vector icons that can be customizable in various […]

No. 19 // Tags

Best Practice: Why Lowercase Tag Names?


Best Practice: Use lowercase tag names in XML and XHTML Level: Conventional to all programmers Acceptance Level: Universal What is it? Lowercase tag names in XML and XHTML are a […]

No. 18 // CSS

How to Avoid Inline Styles – Best Practice


Best Practice: Avoiding Inline Styles Level: Should always follow Acceptance level: Universal What is it? Inline styles are a form of CSS styles that are applied to one element. One […]

No. 17 // HTML5

HTML5 Block-Level Elements – Best Practice


Best Practice: Using HTML5 Block Level Elements Level: Should usually follow Acceptance level: Universal What is it? “Block-level” refers to categorization of elements in HTML5, as opposed to “inline” elements. […]


4 Battles
WEEKLY BATTLE No. 4 // Dining ENDED November 17, 2013

Best Chain Restaurant Website

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DENNYS vs THE CHEESECAKE FACTORY Everybody has to eat! One of the most frustrating times in any persons life is when you are doubled over with hunger pains or are […]

WEEKLY BATTLE No. 3 // Travel ENDED November 16, 2013

Best Boutique Hotel Website

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LITTLE PALM ISLAND vs CARLISLE BAY The summer travel season is almost upon us. Let’s take a quick virtual trip and look at some boutique hotel websites. Little Palm Island […]